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Palestinians back Marwan Barghouti for Nobel Prize

Rights groups and politicians launch campaign to nominate senior Fatah leader serving life term for Nobel Peace award.

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Mittwoch, 23. März 2016

Marwan Barghouti für den Friedens-Nobel-Preis vorgeschlagen

Der original Text des vom seit 1980 Friedensnobelpreisträger Adolfo Pérez Esquivel , eingereichte Schreiben beim Nobelpreis Komitee für die Nominierung des entführten Marwan Barghouti einen Nobelpreis zu bekommen :

President and members of the Norway Nobel Committee,

By this letter I inform you that I nominate the Palestinian Parliamentarian Marwan Barghouthi, political prisoner of/in the State of Israel, to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for the Year 2016.
This nomination aims at protecting the Palestinian people from the humanitarian crisis it is currently living, and at protecting its right to auto determination, independence and full recognition of its institutions, in the framework of a sincere and respectful dialogue with the people of Israel and its institutions.

A few months ago, the State of Palestine announced the end of the Oslo agreements, following/due to the constant provocations of the State of Israel and the war crimes it has perpetrated like the ones in the year 2014, that, on top of harvesting condemnation of the international community, has triggered an investigation on Israel from the UN Human Rights Committee for possible crimes against humanity. With each year that passes, defending enforcement of international law cross more common paths with defending the Palestinian people and their rights. As expressed by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in his address to the Security Council on 26 January 2016: “Palestinian frustration is growing under the weight of a half century of occupation and the paralysis of the peace process (…) as oppressed peoples have demonstrated throughout the ages, it is human nature to react to occupation, which often serves as a potent incubator of hate and extremism (…) Continued settlement activities are an affront to the Palestinian people and to the international community”.

The dialogue gestures of Israel towards the Palestinian people are everyday more rhetoric than real, as is their commitment to the two-state solution. It is verified by the expansion of occupation, settlements, siege and 7000 political prisoners, including 250 children, 27 members of parliament and 600 prisoners who suffer from medical negligence. These confinements are part of the massive arbitrary detention policy taking place since 1967, which totals 800.000 prisoners.
Marwan Barghouti was born on 6 June 1959, his life was bounded by an occupied Palestine and defined by his fight to defend it. His leadership capacity has converted him into one of the principal political references of his Nation, reason why he had to suffer a total of 20 years in jail at the hands of Israel, added to additional years in forced exile. He is insisting that reconciliation should be a priority and this brought him to lead the “Document of prisoners for national reconciliation”, which united all political parties in Palestine and offered peace to Israel, and this is one among other of his endeavors to reach peace between the peoples.

Because we believe/know that liberation of political prisoner is a prerequisite to permanent or lasting peace agreements, 8 Nobel Peace Prize(Jimmy Carter, José Ramos Horta, Desmond Tutu, Mairead Maguire, Jody Williams, Sherin Ebadi, Rigoberta Menchú Tum y quien les escribe), international political figures, Ex Presidents, Prime ministers, chancellors, parliamentarians from all around the world, artists and intellectuals and human rights organizations, we have expressed ourselves for the liberation of who I am nominating for this year.

Giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Marwan Barghouti, means/would mean giving it to a person representing his people, with a sufficient leadership capability to strengthen Palestine proposal for peace. This mention/prize can be the opportunity that both sides and the region need to follow another path of dialogue and understanding, but more than ever, an opportunity to put limits to the injustices of all those who think benefitting from the conflict, advocating for its perpetuity, and subjugating the international community.

Something is certain concerning the bilateral negotiations between Palestine and Israel in the way they have been conducted until today: they have been ineffective. There will be no two-states solution, peace and security for the two people as long as the international community allows the Palestinians references capable of reinitiating and strengthen dialogue to be imprisoned to prevent their voices to be heard, and remove any hope from the population with the bombing and enclosing its children.

I invite you to read the material joined to this note to be able to find more details about Marwan Barghouti’s life and about the international campaign for his liberation and the freedom of all Palestinian political prisoners.

 Wishing you Peace and Well-being
Adolfo Pérez Esquivel

Nobelpreisträger Adolfo Pérez Esquivel nominiert Barghouthi für den Nobelpreis

Wieso bekommen wir solche Nachrichten nicht zuhören?

Esquivel schlägt Marwan Bargouthi für den Friedensnobelpreis vor

Ramallah, Ma’an News, 5. März 2016

Der palästinensische Botschafter in Argentinien, Hosni Abdul Wahed, hat heute den Friedensnobelpreisträger von 1980, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, empfangen. Esquivel hat Marwan Bargouthi, der im Besatzer-Gefängnis sitzt, für den Friedensnobelpreis vorgeschlagen und dem Botschafter eine Kopie seines Einreichungs-Schreiben gegeben. Außerdem hat er als Künstler der Botschaft zwei Gemälde aus eigener Hand geschenkt. Die Bilder sind dem palästinensischen Kampf für Freiheit und Unabhängigkeit gewidmet.

Er hat hervorgehoben, dass es notwendig ist, das Leiden der palästinensischen Gefangenen in israelischen Gefängnissen publik zu machen. Die Bewerbung Bargouthis sei nichts anderes als ein Ausdruck der Solidarität mit diesen Gefangenen und, so Esquivel, ein erster Schritt einer Soli-Kampagne.

Der Botschafter und sein Gast haben über mehrere Themen und Aktivitäten der Botschaft gesprochen, die Esquivel mitträgt, schließlich ist er im Vorstand vom argentinischen Soli-Komitee für das palästinensische Volk. Esquivel hat klar gemacht, dass er bedingungslos den Kampf des palästinensischen Volkes um Freiheit und Unabhängigkeit unterstützt, damit es zu einer friedlichen Lösung kommt, die endlich die israelische Besatzung beendet und den Frieden aller Länder in der Region sichert.

Adolfo Perez Esquivel ist bekannt für seinen Einsatz für Menschenrechte und seinen Widerstand gegen das Militärregime in seinem Heimatland Argentinien – dafür hatte er den Friedensnobelpreis erhalten.

Sein Kampf für die Menschenrechte ging weiter, und zwar weltweit, inkl. Palästina. Esquivel wird hochgeschätzt, respektiert und verehrt in Argentinien und darüber hinaus, v.a. bei Menschenrechts- und humanitären Organisationen.

Von: Groupe de Travail Prisonniers

Übersetzung ins Französische: Moncef Chahed…

Übersetzung vom Französischen ins Deutsche: Carsten Albrecht

Esquivel proposes Marwan Barghouti for the Peace Nobel Price
Ramallah – Ma'an – The Ambassador of the Palestinian State in Argentina, Hosni Adbul Wahed, has received today the laureate for the Peace Nobel Price of 1980, who gave a copy of his candidacy for the Peace Nobel Price to Marwann Barghouti, presently detained in an occupation (Israeli) jail. He has, as an artist, also offered two paintings dedicated to the fight of the Palestinian People for freedom and independence.

He underlined the need to shed light on the suffering of Palestinian prisoners detained in Israeli prisons. The candidacy of Marwan Barghouti is the expression of his solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners and a first step to call for a support to this candidacy.

The ambassador and his guest have discussed various points as well as the activities undergone by the embassy, which are supported by Esquivel as he participate to the presidency of the Argentinian Commission of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. Esquivel declared that he will further support the fight of the Palestinian People for freedom and independence as well as to find a peaceful solution that will end the Israeli occupation and will provide Peace to the region.

Adolfo Perez Esquivel is known for his fight to defend human rights and his resistance against the military regime in the seventies in Argentina, for which he was nominated for the Peace Nobel Price.
His fight then extended to the defence of human rights in several countries around the world, among which Palestine. Esquivel is largely acknowledged, respected and honoured in Argentina and among human rights organisation and humanitarian organisation worldwide.

Translated by: Cecile Blanchet